Yesterday morning I awoke to a tingling on my upper lip. I sat bolt upright up in horror, and looked in my mirror. Sure enough, there it was, another coldsore – and you’ll remember that only a week or so ago I had a huge one on my bottom lip. Gutted. I tried to call my local GP (who you’ll remember I don’t have a huge fondness for), to see if they could dish out some Aciclovir to nip it in the bud, but despite calling all morning no-one answered the phone, I can only assume that they were closed, or busy laughing at patients.

Then I tried calling my HIV clinic, which isn’t exactly local, and they said that they could see me if I got there within 30 minutes. Some hair-raising driving on the boyfriend’s part and we made it – just.  The doctor saw me fairly quickly and gave me another week of Aciclovir (three times a day), apparently whilst unpleasant the coldsores are a good thing, a sign that my immune system is asserting itself again. He also treated me to a Hep B booster in my left arm, I know, lucky me!

After that he took time to go through my latest blood results with me. My CD4 has risen from 332 to 381 and my Viral Load has dropped dramatically from 354 to 46 – almost ‘undetectable’! Also of note was that my Vitamin D levels are rising steadily as I take my daily supplements. I was so pleased, it gives me a real feeling that I’ve got control of the situation, I won’t be beat by HIV.

For those of you worried about starting treatment, or those of you considering starting treatment early (like I did) – DO IT. It’s the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. I’ve gone from a Viral Load of 79000 to a Viral Load of 46 in three months. I feel amazing. Here’s to the rest of my life…

My Results Feb 2012


  1. Congrats on yr good results. It is amazing what a difference the meds make. Hopefully it will reassure others that HiV is a treatable illness that doesnt stop you from doing anything you wanted to do before. Just a Q: Did you have any side effects when u started on meds?

    • Meds changed my life mate.

      Everything was going fine then 2009 hit. I had EVERYTHING happen that year, ending up with me feeling really ill. Some CD4 tests went missing but my local (ex) clinic didn’t seem to care. I went to my GP who referred me to the hospital with suspected Kaposi’s Sarcoma (something the clinic should have noticed).

      I had another blood test and a biopsy, by the dermatology department. I had KS, my CD4 was 214 and my VL was 770,000.

      I started meds and 2ithin 6 weeks my CD4 was 540 and VL was just 110! Amazing!


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