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  1. I have answered it doesn’t matter but that is only because I have learnt so much since following this blog. Before I think I would have put it on hold untill I knew more or dated and found out as I went a long

  2. Iam hepc positive/active,only close friends family know cos of stigma been diagnosed 10yrs,very interested in ur blog,thankyou

  3. I think the questions are reasonable but they are polar opposites and there is the middle ground – I am HIV negative but would have been open to a relationship with a man with HIV if I had had a chance to think about it and come to terms with it. whatever people’s attitudes it is something that needs to be thought through. Well, that’s my view. I hope it doesn’t read as thoughtless of ill-considered. Thanks for a great blog.

  4. I’m with Mike on this one… I wouldn’t say no to a date with a positive person (i’m negative), but I can’t answer that their HIV status doesn’t matter to me… I would be somewhere in between your two statements.

  5. I have to say i like the black and white if your questions and i disagree with both Mike and Jon. There’s no grey ‘I’ll-have-to-have-a-think-first’ area for me. As a neg guy i would have no problem having a date/dating/relationship with a poz man. I think the idea that it has to be considered as though its a risk just reinforces the idea that there is something inherently ‘wrong’ with being HIV positive. Until we can accept that there isn’t then it’ll always seem dangerous, with dating needing as much risk assessment as a bungee jump, but with more hurt feelings.

  6. How do HIV + date other HIV lads….or /also I’ve had a lot of bad reactions to my status…how is the best was to tell potential dates?

  7. I think the guys who answered that they could never have a relationship with a poz guy are missing out on a potential great relationship. I tested + less then 6 months into a relationship with a guy who was so far in the closet when I met him that he was planning a wedding with a woman he knew he would be cheating on, I assumed when I told him he would run as fast as he could. That was 8 years ago and we have built a wonderful life together. My guess would be that most of these negative guys have no problem having a 1 night stand or anonymous sex with someone without even asking what their HIV status is.

  8. As a newly diagnosed +ive guy, Im not happy having a relationship/sex/dates with a -ive guy at the moment (maybe i will be). Im still abit worried about passing it on. I really wouldnt want to do that.

  9. I have been with my partner for 17 years this year and we only found out he was +ve 3 years ago. I do not have HIV, however. The stigma attached to HIV comes from ignorance and bigotry, and we all must do whatever we can to increase awareness. Thank you Positive Lad for doing your bit ! Much love to you !

  10. It’s odd. Rationally I have always thought that I would have no problem dating someone who was Positive and yet somehow in the past whenever I met someone who was positive I didn’t allow the relationship to blossom.

    Now however I have been in, what I thought was a monogamous, relationship for the past 4 years and we discovered back in February that my partner is positive… which he suggests came from either his last tattoo or from some freak accident.

    The idea of leaving him has never once crossed my mind, and in retrospect and having done a ridiculous amount of research in many ways as a still negative man I can’t help but thing that a relationship with someone who is positive is probably safer than a relationship with someone who you think isn’t.


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