It’s Friday? Already? EXCELLENT.

Or should I say AMAZING? As you’ll all know by now along with my deep passion for HIV awareness and prevention I’m also very much into my music, dance music especially. This post is about an awesome track called ‘Amazing’ by three excellent rising stars.

I first heard the track on GaydarRadio, a month or so back. I instantly fell in love with it, but I had no idea who the hell it was. After tweeting the studio I found out more…

The track has been composed, mixed, and produced by JD Mars and Simon Le Vans – together known as Mars & Vans. The vocals are from the most excellent Adam Turner.

It’s been on the GaydarRadio playlist for two months now, and hit the coveted No.1 position on the (listener voted) Your Choice Chart for 5 consecutive days! It has very quickly become something of an anthem, being on the most requested lists of gay venues across the UK.

With a solid beat, uplifting melody, feel good lyrics (see below) and well rounded vocals the track never fails to put a smile on my face. Listen to a preview here: SoundCloud

‘Amazing’ by Mars & Vans ft Adam Turner is released on Swishcraft Records worldwide on the 2nd October 2012, via iTunes, Beatport, Juno, 7Digital and all good online music retailers. I’d urge you to go out (well go to your computer) and buy the track – trust me, you’ll love it!

Have a great weekend all,


Believe me
You’re not alone now
I can see you smiling inside at the turn of the tide; it’s amazing
And maybe
You’ll see the light shine
You gotta pick yourself up, and with luck you’ll see the world light up
Tonight’s your night
‘Cause you’re amazing



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