Life+ the must have HIV app

It seems like there’s an mobile app for everything these days, apps to monitor your sleep pattern, make you look old, give you a squeaky voice – but how about an app that’s actually useful?

The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) have brought out a new iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) app aimed squarely at those of us in the UK living with HIV.  Now, there are already apps out there that remind you to take your medication, chart your blood results, or give you health advice – but for a price, and certainly not in the same place.

Say hello to Life+ from THT…

Life+ taps into the well established and incredibly useful website (managed by THT and funded by EJAF). This allows you to:

  • Create medication reminders
  • Look up HIV medication information
  • Record and chart your blood results
  • Jot down notes to discuss with your healthcare team
  • Access a wealth of HIV and sexual health information from THT’s vast knowledge banks
  • Log onto the community forums
  • Contact THT Direct for phone support

How much does this cost I hear you ask? Not a single penny. All you need is a free account at – so what’re you waiting for? Head to and create your account (if you’ve not got one already!) and then head to the Apple App Store and download Life+

(note from THT: there’s a little glitch in the app at the moment that means you need to give it a few seconds to load, this should be ironed out in the next update)

Happy Mondays!




  1. Thanks for sharing Sam,

    For those of us who haven’t got a device running iOS (Android/Windows etc), there is another FREE app which does all this as well.

    It’s called “iStayHealthy” and is available from the Google Play store.

    I run it on my phone and find it really useful. It’s a little bit primative, but does all the essential functions:

    Charts VL & CD4 levels (as well as CD4%), you can set reminders for meds, hospital/clinic appointments, as well as store clinic contact details. There’s also information on the different meds available.

    It’s a totally free app, and you get full functionality from the off – no need to pay more to get enhanced features.

    I look forward though to the day that THT bring out an Android version of their app.


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