Happy Moist Wednesday to you all,

Yesterday I went to collect the results from my triannual (is that a word? three times a year anyway) HIV check up at the clinic. I’d been in the week before and had the full battery of tests – 8 vials of blood and a urine sample, along with a full standard STI (sexually transmitted infection) screening. It takes one week from the tests to get all the results, so in I popped after work.

It always surprises me how lovely the staff are, they always remember my name despite the hundreds, if not thousands, of people they see between my check-ups. My usual consultant wasn’t available, sunning himself in the tropics – alright for some, so I saw a different lady who had me laughing the entire time.

The long and short of it however is my Viral Load is holding at <39 (which means undetectable), and my CD4 was a respectable 532, my CD4 is a bit down from last time, but the doctor attributed that to my recent bout of flu.  So that’s all good. The STI screening was clean as a whistle too – hardly surprising given my pretty quiet bedroom life of late.

I saw the dietician who told me that my cholesterol, kidney and liver functions were all fine – and quizzed me on how healthy my diet was. The physiotherapist moaned at me for not doing enough exercise, and the health advisor gave me a suitcase of condoms and lube.

On to the pharmacist we had a yearly medication review, we discussed my minor side-effects (occasional insomnia and crazy dreams) and decided that it was best to stick with the current medication regimen. I was offered a new home delivery service for my medication as it was suggested it would be more convenient for me, but then I’d have to wait in for the delivery (or else trek to the Post Office) and I have to come in every four months for my check-up anyway, so might as well collect them then.

I picked up my four month supply of ATRIPLA and headed home. At £626 per month (cost to the NHS) that meant I was carrying £2,504 of medication around. I felt like it should probably be handcuffed to me like in the movies! Thank goodness that it doesn’t cost me a penny on the NHS, not even a prescription charge. A lot of people complain about the NHS, and sure it does make mistakes but then what organisation doesn’t. We’re very lucky to have such an institution in our country – make the most of it whilst you can before the Tories dismantle it.

I hope you’re all well!




  1. Great results – hopefully you will be on 6 monthly appointments soon – do give home delivery another think, it saves the NHS the 20% vat on your meds – which in a year would be £1252.

    Keep up the good work Mr

  2. congrats on the great results. I get my meds delivered to Boots so just pop in to collect them when Im in town

  3. Congrats on your results! I’m glad you’re OK, despite the lousy weather. Public health services worldwide vary in quality, but apparently the NHS far exceeds its reputation. I wish you all the best!

  4. Heartiest congratulations. That all seems highly satisfactory. And you are dead right about the NHS. How long do they expect a suitcase of condoms to last you?
    Chris xxx

  5. Sam. I agree with W6_Bloke below. Please give Home Delivery another thought. If it does fit with you then fair enough but for every five of us who switch to home delivery we release enough money to fund the treatment for someone else. There are two main companies out there who do it, and they either deliver to Boots or Lloyds pharmacy (or even to your workplace if you’re ok with that). Glad to see that your results are so good though – think of it as an early Christmas present 🙂


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