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So that’s 2012 done with is it? The year of the Olympics (well watching Tom Daley in speedos), the Queen’s Jubilee, crazy weather and the start of my writing (in any meaningful sense). Now we’re carefully stepping into 2013, like walking in fresh snow when you’re not sure how deep it is. *crunch*.

It’s traditional in January for one to come up with a list of resolutions, things we want to change about ourselves or achieve in the coming year. I could write a list as long as my arm quite frankly, but then I’d lose focus, so I’ve decided to concentrate on five resolutions for 2013.

  1. Get a better job
    In these tough economic times I should consider myself lucky to be employed, and I honestly do. That’s not to say that I enjoy it terribly much however. 2013 is the year I drop the mediocre admin job and start doing something fulfilling and worthwhile.
  2. Find myself a nice guy
    I’ve been single for pretty much two years now, ignoring one short lived relationship with an emotionally stunted queen and a couple of mini-flings. I’m officially in my late-twenties now (or mature-twink as I like to call it), and I’d quite like to find someone to join me on this crazy journey. Dating when you’re HIV+ is at best a chore, and down right depressing at it’s worst, so I’d like to get it out the way and find myself  someone a bit geeky, who likes walking, travelling and wine. Failing that Greg Rutherford or Jonnie Peacock would do.
  3. Eat less take-away food
    A quick browse of my hungryhouse order history makes for depressing reading. I can’t believe how many pizzas, chinese and indian takeaways I ate in the second half of last year. That’s the trouble when you only have to tap on the phone app and can pay by card, it’s all too easy. The trouble is its also very expensive and not very good for me, my HIV consultant is always telling me to eat more fruit and veg, and less fatty foods. This year – more home cooking!
  4. Drink less wine
    Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Why? I’m drinking a glass right now. Want some? Well you can’t have any – it’s mine.
  5. No more Mr Undercover
    This is going to be the year that I finally show you all who Sam really is. I can’t tell you when it’ll be, and it’s not going to be for a while, but it will happen. There are a lot of people in my life that I still want to tell in person, rather than them seeing a blog post, or a tweet about it. But once that’s out of the way there’ll be no stopping me.

What’re your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you stuck to them, or have you already caved in and gone back to your old ways? Share them below in the comments box and forever immortalise your pledge…

All the best,




  1. And the best of British with your new year resolutions! And a very happy new year as well. As a journalist, may I say how very well you write?

    Your friend and admirer

    Chris xx

  2. I’m going with Wil Wheaton’s tweeted resolution for 2013 and aim to not be a dick this year

  3. Hi Sam,

    Well done on setting the New Years Resolutions, you will have to keep us updated. I think one of them could have been to try and blog more because I always enjoy reading your blog posts.

    As for coming out & no more Mr. Undercover, come out when you’re good and ready. I am sure that when you do you will have the love, support and respect of everybody that’s important.


    A x

  4. Hey Sam, greetings from me, in Sydney.

    I am enjoying reading your blog and congrats on setting your priorities for 2013…. the year for love by the way.

    Check out my blog post on that topic of goals for 2013 here.

    If you are enjoying writing, why not write a book? I started writing and publishing books some 9 months ago and have a few up on Amazon now and they are selling regularly. My best seller is Write Your First Book. Check it out here, if that idea interests you.

    When I discovered I was HIV poz, some 5 or 6 years ago now, I wrote about my experiences and am thinking of publishing my experiences as a new book. “Staying Positive now that you are Pozitive”. What do you think? Maybe we can do a joint effort, sharing both our experiences in our little joint eBook.

    All the best and would love to hear back from you.



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