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Matthew Walters is the Gay Men’s worker and Health Trainer for Positive East, a vital HIV support charity based in East London. Today he’s telling us all the story his diagnosis and asking that you help support him in his latest challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro to help raise funds to provide essential services – and give back to a charity that has helped him find his feet again after diagnosis. Please read on…

Matthew Walters, Positive EastPositive East is the HIV Charity that I work for. I’ve been through quite a journey with this organisation. I was diagnosed HIV Positive almost 13 years ago.

5 years after my diagnosis in 2005, I found myself in quite a bad state. Being HIV Positive was making life difficult. Eventually, everything had started to get on top of me. Some friendships had been lost, and generally I was in quite a dark and depressing place.

I finally plucked up the courage to access support from a HIV charity. New to East London, I found myself knocking on the door of Positive East.    

Positive East instantly offered me a wide range of support including Counselling, the Gay Men’s Support Group, Careers Advice, help with Housing and Hardship. I often used to pop in and use the gym and internet café which gave me an opportunity to keep active, make new friends and get on with my life.

Within a short space of time, I went from a place of despair to a bright and happy future thanks to the support that Positive East had given me. Grateful to the support I had received, in 2006 I wanted to give something back so started to volunteer for the organisation. In 2009, I started working for that charity and I’m still here today helping to give individuals living with and affected by HIV the support that I received 7 years ago.

I want to raise £5,000 by the time I set off next month, and I need your help. Just go to, donate what you can, tell all of your contacts on Facebook and Twitter to do the same, and together we can make better futures for positive people.

Thank you.

You can also follow Matthew on Twitter as: @HIVpozGayMan

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