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A quick event update for you all:

Positive East and the London Gay Men’s Chorus ensemble announced that they will be putting on
another show together to raise funds for the charity’s HIV support services for gay men in London.
The show is called Good Vibrations, and takes place in St Pancras Church on Saturday 13th April.

Following on from last year’s spectacular show the Chorus will put on another night of show

stopping tunes, with the usual extent of razzle dazzle people come to expect from the London Gay
Men’s Chorus!

Positive East and LGMC’s aims are deeply intertwined: both are working to change negative
preconceptions, and work towards a more enriched society.

The event will raise funds specifically in support of Positive East’s services for gay men in London.
It’s estimated that 1 in 12 men in London gay are HIV positive. There are more gay and bisexual men
living with HIV in London than ever before. This makes the work of Positive East, and their network
of one-to-one and group support sessions, more important than ever before.

It’s vital that people don’t become isolated from their communities as a result of their HIV status,
and supporting this event will help make sure that doesn’t happen.Tickets for this one-off show are available online, at

For further information you can call the box office on 020 7791 9353.










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  1. Thanks, Tom. I live in London and know Positive East and the wonderful and important work they do, like the wonderful and important work you do.
    Chris xxx


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