IMG_2040Good afternoon guys and gals,

You may remember a week or so back I posted about a new HIV awareness campaign in England called ‘It Starts With Me’ – designed to educate people about HIV, how it’s spread, how it’s prevented and what they can do to fight HIV.

Well the campaign is really in full swing now, with events and awareness materials rolling out across England.

Yesterday I returned from a trip to Berlin with my friend Anthony to find a ‘It Starts With Me’ t-shirt waiting on my door step. So I popped it on and took a few snaps, you’ll probably see me at a few events up and down the country – including pride events wearing it, talking to people about their attitudes towards sexual health, testing and HIV.

Some quick HIV related facts from the It Starts With Me website:

  • 1 in 4: The number of people with HIV in the UK aren’t aware that they have it
  • 10 years: how much shorter your life could be if you delay testing
  • 8 in 10: gay men get HIV from someone who doesn’t know they have it
  • 25-29: the age group in which the most gay men test HIV positive
  • 96%: Treatment for HIV can make you upto 96% less infectious to others

Please make sure to head over to the It Starts With Me website to find out more about HIV, and how YOU can stop it in its tracks.

Peace out!



  1. Hope you had a great time in Berlin…lovely place. I’ve signed up and sent tweets & shared the campaign on Facebook.

    Good to have you safely back home.



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