Following on from yesterday’s blog post from Oliver Hotham who’d been attacked for voicing his opinion on the ludicrous so called organisation ‘Straight Pride UK’ (I’ve checked, they’re neither a registered charity or company) the people behind ‘Straight Pride UK’ posted a “Press Release” on their facebook page (now deleted) – it’s so bad it’s hilarious…

Straight Pride (UK) Statement

A Straight Pride Project (Straight Pride (UK) ) over in the UK has been facing a tough time in the last 24 hours, all thanks to a history student called Oliver. He contacted Straight Pride’s (UK) Bureau pretending too be a journalist asking questions. Turns out that he is not a journalist but a seemingly underhanded follower of the Homosexual Agenda who like to call people bigots for not agreeing with what they see as homosexual perversion. They have a right to these views and opinions.

Oliver was very bad didn’t tell Straight Pride (UK) that he would be putting what Straight Pride (UK) told him online for all to see, ( It was a private release for him) and thus he did do Straight Pride (UK) contacted the blog hosts and was removed.

Now Oliver has been very naughty and given out the material so other offending individuals have posted it, in turn causing a a great deal of illegal Harassment, and unwanted contact, which is protected by law Under The Protection From Harassment Act in the United Kingdom.

Straight Pride (UK) did ask him nicely to ask those he has provided the content to, to remove it, but so far both he and the other offenders have not.

Straight Pride (UK) are not as worried as the other individuals who have been harassed, scared, stalked, had bomb threats, but Straight Pride UK are taking action and precautions because this is not right. One person should not be able to start a harassment campaign against something or someone because they don’t agree with their views.

Straight Pride (UK) do have this matter in hand and all will be sorted shortly where the project can get back to Promoting being Heterosexual. If nothing this has proved that society needs Straight Pride and heterosexual events, to enable heterosexuals to have the right to speak out against the alternative lifestyle.

Straight Pride (UK) and other Bureaus are not homophobic, and believe in traditional values and lifestyles and the right to speak as someone finds. Straight Pride UK do not believe in Unequal Rights, of which in the United Kingdom now has. There are two separate sets of rights, once for heterosexuals and one for homosexuals, with the homosexuals rights having the ability to trump those rights and beliefs of the heterosexuals, and those of faith.

Straight Pride (UK) ask heterosexuals from far and wide to gather together and stand up and be counted in this now overly politically correct world everyone finds themselves in.

In finishing, to Oliver you have had your fifteen minutes of fame, perhaps now is the time to get back to your homework or maybe by now you will have been offered a position by the UK Socialist Press.

Peter Sidorove
Head of Operations Straight Forward Bureau, Moscow.

Laughable I’m sure you’ll agree. What wasn’t so funny though was their response when I posted this piece on my website…


A classy low blow from the bigots behind ‘Straight Pride UK’ showing their true colours and their “traditional values”. They’ve even gone as far as to protect their twitter accounts now so people can’t see what they’re saying – they’re so proud that they have to hide. 

Since this all kicked off they’ve even changed their Twitter name from @StraightPrideUK to @prideofstraight, they weren’t quite clever enough however to keep hold of the old @StraightPrideUK Twitter name which has now become a fabulous parody account.

Rule 1. Don’t be a shit.
Rule 2. If you must be a shit, don’t be a stupid one.



  1. I commend you on not making a joke out of the horrendous grammar, syntax, et al in their ‘press release’. Did anyone actually edit it or, more to the point, read it before they posted it?

  2. Wind-up merchants.They’re looking for an angry response, which, of course, you’re too well-mannered to give them. File them in the round filing basket or the shredder – your choice


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