Last week I popped into the HIV clinic to have my bloods taken, nine vials of the damned stuff – bleeding vampyrs! Today I popped back to get my results.


As you can see my CD4 has remained steady-ish, 502 at latest count and my Viral Load (VL) is staying at ‘undetectable’ with <39 copies per ml of blood. All of this is good news, it means my medication is working properly (always a worry when you change meds) and my immune system is holding up to the stress.

bagomedsThe only thing they did mention is that my blood cells are slightly larger than normal, at 100.7% of their normal size (which doesn’t seem much) so they’ve prescribed me some Folic Acid supplements to try and bring that back down to 100%.

After that I popped to the pharmacy to fill my prescription for four months of meds. Most people get a small paper bag when they collect their prescription, when they see me coming they get out a huge plastic bag… I’m actually surprised that I don’t rattle!

Have a great day,




  1. Good to know that you are doing well after switching meds. I was prescribed Folic Acid way way back…somewhere along the line…they seemed to have dropped off my repeat prescription…but I still take them. They are so inexpensive that I just by them over the counter at the pharmacist…along with low dosage aspirin.

    Take care


  2. Good to see you’re still undetectable and your CD4 count is above 500.

    Another of my positive friends gets his meds by some kind of mail order thing once every three months. Is that not an option available to you? (It might just be that you’re only a couple of months into your current regimen, I guess.) But yeah, a carrier bag with four months’ worth of meds does seem like quite the luggage 🙂

    • It is a service that they offer at my clinic, but you need to be in to sign for the delivery and I’m very very rarely at home and I’m nowhere near a post office/sorting office so it would be more hassle – I have to go to the hospital anyway so I might as well collect my meds there.

  3. Also HIV positive here and been undetectable for 2.5 years now, glad to hear you r doing well with u’r new meds, keep it up!


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