Hello and welcome to beyondpositive – a new online lifestyle magazine for those living with HIV, and to us at beyondpositive that’s not just the people who have HIV, that’s their family, their partners and their families too.

There are plenty of places out there on the web to find out technical information on HIV, there are blogs out there, forums and news sites too. But here at beyondpositive we aim to bring all of that and more under the one banner. You’ll find blogs from people living with HIV, news stories, information on HIV & Sexual Health, opinion pieces, event listings, product reviews and in time we’re also looking to integrate a live chat system.

If you would be interested in writing for beyondpositive, or perhaps you’re someone living with HIV with a talent to show off please get in touch. Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring the site and helping us flourish please do contact us – simply email

As a HIV-positive guy myself and as well as a writer and a geek I’m looking forward to seeing how this site develops and I hope you’ll stick around too.

Best Wishes,

Tom Hayes



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