Researchers at Canada’s University of Western Ontario have announced that ‘Phase I’ of studying into SAV001-H (HIV vaccine) was completed successfully.

‘Phase I’ human testing is to check for adverse side effects on human beings. It was administered, along with a control placebo, to a cohort of HIV-Positive men and women, these subjects were monitored for a full 52 weeks and no ‘adverse reactions’ were noted.

The next stage is ‘Phase II’ which actually measures the effectiveness of the vaccine on the immune system and the prevention of HIV infection.

Similar to the Rabies, Polio and Flu vaccines SAV001-H is a ‘killed-virus’ vaccine and the first of it’s type – “We infect the cells with a genetically modified HIV-1. The infected cells produce lots of virus, which we collect, purify and inactivate so that the vaccine won’t cause AIDS in recipients, but will trigger immune responses.” Dr Kang said in the Ontario Business Report.

Whilst this study may not be a “cure” for those of us with the HIV virus it is, nonetheless, an exciting step in the fight against the spread of HIV.

Tom Hayes (@ukpositivelad on twitter)Editor-in-chief



  1. Just remember Lisa Power’s words: “It’s a long way from stage 1 trials to the market place…”


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