A disciplinary hearing has heard how a midwife behaved in an “inappropriate” and “unprofessional manner” after she discussed details of a foster child and her mother, both of whom were HIV-Positive, in the media. 

The midwife in question, Bernadette McDaid, became unhappy with a decision by Newham University Hospital Trust to withhold a baby’s HIV status from the foster carers she was temporarily placed with. Mrs McDaid initially raised the complaint internally at the trust via letters to senior managers – the hearing heard this excerpt “you will be exposed as the repugnant, amoral, dishonest characters that you are”. She also

Mrs McDaid then went on to make several media appearances on the BBC, ITV and with the Daily Mail during which she discussed the baby, her mother, their HIV statuses and the foster arrangements in detail.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)’s counsel, Michael Collis, said that Mrs McDaid was not wrong to raise her concerns but went on to say “the assertion by the NMC is that the registrant behaved in an entirely inappropriate and unprofessional manner in the way in which she raised these concerns, both in terms of her conduct at the core group meeting … and by speaking to the media in detail about Patient B and her child.”  

NMC counsel then went on to describe a meeting with the mother and social workers at which Mrs McDaid lost her temper and shouted at the new mother: “During the course of the meeting the registrant shouted at both women and had to be asked to calm down on several occasions”.

Mrs McDaid is facing several allegations including verbally abuse towards patients and colleagues, and breaching patient confidentiality as well as submitting false evidence to the High Court and the NMC.

Source: Nursing Times
Picture Credit: CENTRAL NEWS


  1. Assuming this is all true, it sounds like midwifery will benefit from her absence. The breach of trust is horrific enough, but the abuse on top of it? There’s a five letter word, just one syllable: “shame”.


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