Recently I have come into contact with a number of people on online who have asked me to “poz” them. How did a virus like HIV become fetishized, and what happens when they become positive? 

Bug Chasing is a fetish and a fantasy for a handful of people within the gay community (I’m unaware of the phenomenon among straight people, but it may well exist there too).

The act of bug chasing is essentially the desire to become HIV-Positive through having unprotected sex with people who are known to be positive themselves. 
It’s a strange, damaging fetishization of a life threatening virus that many people find disturbing and upsetting.

The piece I’m writing is in no way aimed to shame or demonise people who partake in bug chasing as a sexual act, in part because the act its self is often based around control more than flagrant disregard for one’s health. 
It would be hypocritical of me to judge other people for their fetishes, as anyone who knows me well knows that I have a pretty fruitful range of kinks myself.

A screenshot from one of my conversations with a chaser (click to enlarge)
A screenshot from one of my conversations with a chaser (click to enlarge)

I have recently come into contact with a number of people on Grindr and Scruff who have been asking me to “poz” them. 
My reactions have ranged from disgust, anger, hurt, and confusion and I’ve either hastily blocked the person, or sent a harshly worded reply. 
But recently I took myself out of my own head and decided to question the motives of a pretty persistent guy who had initially asked me to “squirt [him] full of [my] virus”.

He was adamant to let me know that this was more than just a fantasy for him; it wasn’t just a guy thinking of sleazy, uninhibited sex with a guy who has the pinnacle of taboos coursing through his veins. 
He begged and pleaded and reasoned with me, explaining that it was all he wanted. He wanted me to “breed” him and convert him to being HIV-Positive.

I tried to rationalise my questions, because, for the record, I tend to sero-sort my sexual partners. I sleep with HIV-Positive guys more often than negative guys, and I generally don’t use condoms when doing so. I always disclose my status and I always enquire about other people’s statuses too. I have and do sleep with HIV-Negative people too, and they’re always aware that I’m HIV-Positive, on medication, undetectable and healthy. 
My argument is, as long as both parties know the risks (I’m aware of the risks I take too), and both parties respect the other’s boundaries then there shouldn’t be an issue.

So why was it such an issue for me to sleep with a guy who was HIV-Negative but wanted to become HIV-Positive? 
It scared me. I was confused.
I told him that, in all honesty I wouldn’t be of much use since I’ve been on medication for seven years and have been undetectable for about six of those. I was in a long-term relationship with a negative guy who didn’t test positive over the course of nine years with me. I’m a pretty safe sexual partner it would seem.

I also told him that the vocabulary he was using was making me uncomfortable, I’m not a fan of fetishizing HIV and I’m not a huge fan of verbal play during sex as it is. 
When I asked him what he was going to do when he eventually tests positive? What’s the end goal? Becoming infected and diagnosed, that’s the easy part, but then what?
 It’s my virus that would be infecting him. Part of me.
 If he goes on to infect others after, am I partially to blame? 
He ensured me that he would only infect those who “wanted it”.

I haven’t spoken to him since. He’s not a person I intend on meeting or engaging with any further in conversation; but his honesty was quite admirable.

My final thought on his situation was “what happens outside of the sex?”.

It’s all well and good to fantasise about having sex with lots of men, getting bred by them and getting off on the depravity of sexual taboos. But cut to three months later, he’s had his orgy, and now he’s sitting in a clinic waiting room and is called through by a nurse who sits him down next to a doctor. The doctor informs him that there was a positive result for the HIV test he took and they need to take more blood samples from him in order to see how his immune system is coping with the stress of the virus. Where’s the eroticism in that?

Then there’s the other questions…
Will he tell his parents? What about when his employer notices a change in his energy levels? Is he a smoker? Is he travelling soon? Has he got a good emotional support network around him?

There’s so much more to HIV than just the status.
 Bug chasing seems like a fairly quick-fix fetish for me to be able to fully comprehend, and it’s something that I still can’t get my head around. 
It’s not a fetish that will go away either, so perhaps a rational approach is best when discussing it.

Hamish – (@agaytoremember on twitter)



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  1. I don’t see it as a bizarre subject (kinda planning something similas with a different approach, but I may well not bother now), as you indicated on twitter: I’m half way through a novel based around chasing/giving: although I’m not into giving, the task I set myself was to make chasing/giving something erotic and explore the emotional fallout therefrom. Not been well recently so haven’t written much, but I had the oddest conversation with a friend: he kept on referring to the central character as a flesh and blood person when he only exists in my head.

    My opinion is that as more and more of us achieve success in our drug therapies, the chasing/gifting scene is going to implode: too many “neg” bottoms wanting it, too many responsible poz tops looking after ourselves. HIV will become a very rare commodity in this country, except amongst the “I only test once a year” crowd, who, unfortunately, I seem to be surrounded with in South Wales. The abuse I’ve had from Grindr – let’s say it exceeds the abuse I got in the eighties when I was one of the few who dared go onscreen and say “Yeah, I’ve got it” (I liked to think that Miriam Stoppard still has nightmares about the show I was on! BTW, if you ever do TV work, and want a scene deleted, just swear!
    The problems you outline are solvable with education, but who to get in to do that education?


  2. Some “chasers” plan for what comes after the sex. I have seen and heard of those that take anti-virals afterwards, or only play with those that have an undetectable load. They enjoy the scene of ‘the infection’ while taking the precautions to help avoid actually getting infected. That is a roleplay at that point, one with risks that requires a very specific condition affecting the other partner and uses of words normally considered hurtful. It’s a dangerous and rare fetish/roleplay, one that is illegal depending on the area’s transmission laws. In the end in pushes my normal rule of “as long as it’s between two consenting adults”, but I don’t think or know if all the “chasers” out there understand the risks they are taking, and thus may not be informed enough to have full consent in this act.

    To those that truly want infection… I really don’t know what to make of that. I hear of or see those asking for it, but I would value seeing the perspective of a ‘chaser’ that got infected from that play. I honestly would like to know how they think of it now, if the life after the test was what they wanted and why. I have seen those into body modification make choices with their body that are damaging and limiting for the rest of their lives, a choice with lethal risks. Getting infected by choice is a far extreme of that, and the behaviorist trained into me from my profession would study that unique mentality to try and understand it without judgement.

    While we all have the freedom to affect our bodies as we desire, we don’t have the right to beg it for or from others. It does bother me that the person speaking to the writer kept asking and pushing after being told ‘no’. I do judge that, rather harshly, as I firmly believe that we all deserve consent and the right to say no.

  3. It is indeed hard for most people to get their head round the bug chasing mind set. What is sexy about a virus? A tiny thing that exists just to multiply itself over and over and wreck cells in the process? I don’t know of any other examples of bugs that turn people on.

    Is it something to do with cultural influences I wonder? Have “positive images” somehow had the unwitting effect on this tiny minority of making them think that the virus is somehow sexy? They see strong characters who are open about their status and maybe identify with those characters and somehow are under the illusion that the virus has made them the people they are. Maybe there is something seriously missing in their lives. They feel inadequate and want to become someone they are not. They have an image of you and want to become that image. I am speculating and this may be so much crap but I agree it is worth talking to these people to try and work out where they are really coming from.

  4. For over 10 years, I have encountered MANY people who want to be pozzed up and who only want sex with symptomatic people.
    They are most common among people who slam, many of whom deliberately share injecting equipment and do blood-swapping.
    Some are also in Satanism and view pozzing and reinfecting each other as a form of sacrament.
    Needless to say, none of this happened before the advent of tritherapy.
    Tritherapy is perceived as the panacea, which it definitely is not. I have suffered for years with VERY unpleasant side-effects and drug interactions of tritherapy and if we made people more aware that tritherapy is not the solution people this it is, highlighting the unpleasantness of many side-effects, it might deter some people.
    This seems to be quite a taboo subject for researchers. I have contributed to the SIGMA survey several times over the years and in its last iteration a few years ago, I repeatedly suggested that the questionnaires add questions on the subject. This was dismissed out of hand each time.

  5. The issue is not so much the nature of the fetish,but the fact that sex between humans absolutely requires the presence of a specific object: a man, a woman, big boobs, a big willy, a small willy, a shoe, a spot on the nose, a prosthetic leg, etc… There is a place holder in the structure of sex which cannot stay empty. In that sense, the HIV virus, part of the social bond, is as good a fantasmatic object as any other. You could say it is a sort of Kantian sublime object. I first reported on Bug Chasing back in 2000, after coming accross it on a US based sex discussion list. Nowadays, it is called Getting an Upgrade.

  6. Please be aware that even if you are HIV positive and having sex with another HIV person you still need to use protection.

    The HIV virus evolves very quickly which makes everyone’s HIV unique. If you have are HIV infected and get infected with someone else’s HIV, you become ‘super-infected’ with two viruses and may be at higher risk of treatment failure by developing drug resistance.

    A balanced and accessible article on this can be found at:

  7. Dude, use condoms regardless of sleeping HIV+ people just like yourself. Don’t get yourself or someone else into more trouble…

  8. Unfortunately I can speak from experience as a “chaser” who subsequently tested positive after being “bred”.

    So this is just my experience and I can’t vouch for anyone else, but I think I’ve followed a common pattern.

    The circumstances of getting the virus were that I chatted to a positive guy, not on meds, who was into “pozzing guys up” and we had deliberately risky sex on more than one occasion.

    Despite knowing what the risks were and having suspected that I’d had seroconversion sickness seeing two dots appear in the test was like being punched in the face. For the first time in my life I genuinely felt weak at the knees and thought I’d pass out.

    After that the overwhelming emotion is guilt – a criminal level of guilt.

    Guilt at having deliberately harmed my body.
    Guilt when I walk out of the clinic with thousands of pounds of drugs in my bag that I “shouldn’t” need and the NHS “shouldn’t” be paying for.
    Guilt when I find out a friend is positive and how it nearly broke him.
    Guilt when I read about the increasing number of MSM testing positive and knowing I’m one of them.

    I don’t think the guilt will ever go away.

    But there is also relief. Testing positive brought an end to the most destructive period in my life. I had fallen into a cycle of drug use and risky sex. I hated it but despite my efforts and those of many great professionals I was unable to get out. It was destroying me. Overlapping window periods from numerous PEP courses – 12 in three years. Depression. Suicidal ideation.

    I’m a child of the 80s so HIV/AIDS is fundamentally a terrifying disease no matter how much medicine has moved on. That coupled with the way the gay community festishes risk, especially bareback sex and in the darker corners of porn: breeding, led my damaged head to start to think being poz was the answer. Then I could do what I wanted without fear. Then I could be one of these hot poz guys who have all the fun. But of course I didn’t really want a disease, but dark thoughts are powerful.

    I probably should have joined the Proud PrEP study to protect myself in the short term while sorting out my issues. But as I was trying not to have unsafe sex I was worried that this might lead to a spiral and more drug use.

    I kept asking myself why I hadn’t gone to get PEP after the exposure that infected me. Why didn’t I get PEP like so many of the other times? My psychologist who I saw just after the 72 hour window got it right. I was exhausted. I had no fight left. I couldn’t face not knowing again.

    I pretty much cried for the whole hour I was with her.

    I can’t speak for every “chaser” but from many I’ve chatted to it’s the same story – being positive will be easier than being a “barebacking neg slut” and staying negative.

    The first two weeks after the test were awful, I felt lost through the guilt, relapsed back into drug use and considered self harm but through the help of a lot of very good friends I survived and picked myself up. My friends don’t know the exact circumstances but they know I had drug and safe sex issues and have been very supportive.

    As I tested positive during seroconversion I went onto a clinical trial and started meds immediately. I’m ok with them, the side effects died down quickly and I hope I’m providing medical science with useful data.

    I worry about the future, about treatment failure, about drug interactions if I get cancer, rejection by partners etc. But on the whole I’ve tried to use the fact that I did something wrong and dreadful to rebuild my life. Ironically I’m mentally in a much better place. I found a boyfriend, and as he’s negative, we only have safe sex. Funny enough it’s better than any of the bareback chem sex I used to have. Hell of a way to learn that lesson.

    The other day a negative friend admitted that he was “chasing” so I’m trying to help him get the help he needs to stay negative. Without admitting to him my own history I gave him the advice I’ve given to others:

    “I understand, and I won’t judge you. Your reasons for wanting to be positive are very real and not to be dismissed, but if you dig deep there are always better solutions to the problems you’re experiencing now than taking on the debt of problems in the future that being positive will bring”

    Thanks for reading – that’s a hell of a weight off my chest.

    • Thank you for writing this Geoff.
      I can’t imagine how hard the road has been for you, but I’m glad that you’ve been able to be so rational since your diagnosis.
      In a way bug chasing is a form of self harm, and with self harm comes a lack of foresight to the long-term repercussions of one’s actions.
      HIV is one of those very strange issues that make me feel compelled to explain to people that being +ve isn’t as bad as everyone thinks, but at the same time I wouldn’t ever wish it one anyone.
      The fact that you’ve taken control of life from this is a very good thing, and I commend you for seeing it as the end to your self-destructive behaviours.
      The best advice I can give is keep doing what you’re doing, use your very well thought-out rational approach to self inflicted infection and educate and inform others of your experiences.

      Thank you for commenting and being so open.
      I did find what you wrote quite difficult for me to read, because I saw so much pain in your words, but I’ so glad that things are looking better for you.
      I’m wishing you so much strength and support throughout this all. x

    • Respect to your words.
      I’m negative, still. Tested this week.
      I’m a bugchaser.
      But the problem is, I have a sex barrier.
      This sounds odd I know..
      I know what the problem is, I’m not happy, I’m depressed, and I just don’t have the gut’s to kill myself.
      I’m a very hott guy, people tell me every time.
      I’m fitt but I’m just unhappy the way I am. Being Gay. I hate the Gay scene. I want a normal life with a dude, a family with a dog in a normal house far away from the city.
      But I’ve searched for so damn long… And in my opinion, gays are more afraid of a dull monogamic life, then of AIDS.
      I live my life alone with my dog between a beautiful serene nature scene… And I don’t understand why I just can’t be happy with the things I have in my life, and be gratefully for it. And just focussing on destroying the only life I have.
      But its still not to late I guess…

      I hope you find love and relief.
      And most of all, forgive yourself.
      God already has…


      • Hello Moris. I red that you are a bugchasser.
        I am an HIV positive man in the UK.
        I didn’t want to be HIV positive though. I am a lonely person here in the World’s lonely capital called UK.
        My parents and brother and sister still in life. That makes me not even to think about suicide.
        If you have also some people near you who are important than you too don’t think about self harm.
        I don’t like the gay scene either. If you want to chatting with me I would be more than happy to do so.

      • Hi Moris… I’m not a big chaser but I’m kinda in your shoes and looking for some sort of happiness. I know my response is 4 years late. But hey…hopefully we can get in touch. Looking for a friend to chat and maybe more

    • Everything that you said is also true about me. I was in a sero-discordant relationship and felt so guilty about being negative that I eventually started chasing too. And, I too “won” the lottery after about 6 months. In May, 2013 I had the classic symptoms of the sero-conversion illness and 2 weeks later tested positive with numbers that even shocked an ID doctor. It got real when I was so ill that I had to go on tons of antibiotics just as a precaution. Do I have regrets? I’m not really sure… It hasn’t really caused me any issues, and I do know that my husband is relieved not to have to worry about giving me HIV. Other than just taking 1 pill a day, it isn’t really a big deal to me. I guess that honestly given my sexual proclivities, I was going to end up positive anyhow (I have been barebacking since I was 17, I am 35 now) and I would rather deal with it on my terms rather than on its terms. And yes, I too have been hit up by chasers, and I tell them to make damn sure that his is what you want, not just a passing phase or fetish. For me, it wasn’t about the thrill of chasing, it was the finality of just knowing that I was positive and not having to worry about it any longer. It was an actual relief, and no more going to get tested wondering if “this was it.” As for any health issues, other than the initial sero-conversion flu, I haven’t had anything at all. I am on Atripla, take it like clockwork, and maintain an undetectable viral load, although my cd4 count is usually not that great (350 or so…). So, I guess that I don’t regret doing it.

  9. I’m not sure if i would class myself as a chaser, but I had unsafe sex knowingly with someone who was positive. I then diagnosed myself

    The guilt I feel, the blame I have towards myself is unreal. I struggle with this daily. Some days are ok, others are not. I can’t bare this, its like an additional secret that I really don’t need or want. I wish I could get this out of my blood. I feel dirty and ashamed and I wish I could do something about it. I can’t, its ruined any confidence i had. I can’t bear the thought of having sex. I made a mistake and its one i can’t do anything about.

  10. Hamish, I must say this was a really good read as it is thought provoking and understanding at the same time.

    Part of me wonders if it has become so en vogue because it is the ultimate taboo, some may say the only one left.

    I can’t help but feel that the porn industry is capitalising on this though with the fetish porn. Not to say that the adult stars should not work but at least state they are on meds, undetectable or remove the ‘poz’ branding and hopefully the idealation that is seeming to go along side it

  11. Thanks. This has made me realize i was just wanting a complete domination by a top. I do not want aids. This has stopped me being a bug chaser.

  12. I’m a bugchaser.
    And telling you are a bugchaser will eventually turn down potentially pozzed guys.
    So instead, tell them you are poz too.
    They do bareback and just hope for the best.

  13. I am a recent bugchaser. Although I have been barebacking for five years and had sex with around 100 guy’s and not taken a test yet. I might very well be poz already. I am planning on taking a test to find out but I wouldn’t be surprised if I am poz. I want to find out just to make sure I don’t infect others. Although probably too late for some.
    I think I am a sex addict with low self esteem. I can’t help having feelings of being a dirty slut who gets what she deserves.
    The thrill of having bare back sex with multiple partners is a huge turn on and the risks, whilst thought about, do nothing to stop the activity. I have met loads of guys willing to do bareback even if they have been tested thinking it’s ok then, even though I haven’t been.
    The other reason for testing is to see if I have missed that extreme high of having dangerous sex with a poz guy. It isn’t the last taboo but one of many one hit wonders, I fantasise about having my testicles removed also but again you can only do that once.
    I don’t particularly want hiv and the perfect scenario would be to bareback with hiv partners and not catch it. But I guess if you play with fire! I think it is the same high you get from any extreme activity and thereby addictive.

  14. I am a bug chaser, but I’m not your typical gay male or MSM. I am a straight female.

    Several years ago I didn’t know the first thing when it came to HIV, I had never even had a test. Now, I am actively trying to seroconvert.

    You see, about three years ago, I met my husband. Right off the bat, he told me his status, he is HIV positive. After a year of dating, I started PrEP.

    Two months ago we got married and I stopped taking my Truvada on our honeymoon. I told him that I want his (and only his, meaning I am not seeking just anyone to be my gift giver) virus in my body, coursing through my veins.

    It’s not a fetish for us, it doesn’t turn me on, although the first time he released inside me without barrier was almost magical, we both cried. To us, it’s about being one in the most intimate way possible. Stronger than wedding rings or matching tattoos, the same virus that invades his body will invade mine.

  15. My believe about being HIV+:

    im a bugchaser.
    I know, its nothing to be fond of, being HIV+, and I’ve had some real discussions online. I’m not anonymous. I’m on Gayromeo with a face and location.
    I stand for my beliefs.
    I’ve read most all of there is out there to find about HIV. Sneaked into HIV forums to talk with people who had it. Also on a bugchasers paradise, and talked to ex bugchasers who are now poz. The yes I’m happy with it, vs. The I regret it for life discussions.
    I’ve watched every documentary on YouTube to find about bugchasers, living with HIV, news, science, scams, etc….

    I often get verbal agression on Grindr of people who judge me for who I am.
    I’m a well educated 37yr old single gay man from the Netherlands.
    As far as I know, I’m pretty a normal guy with a average life. Go to gym, party with friends, a walk in the woods with my dog… Except, I long for being HIV+

    With sexdates I’m honest in my intentions… I like barebacking, but if a dude wants safe sex, no problem. I’m honest about me not being sure about my health between each three months I have a check up.

    Every time when the HIV test turns out to be negative again, I’m sad. Almost frustrated.
    It’s not about the sex. Maybe I have to take more extreme plans in action.
    I can borrow a drug addicted his needle with HIV+ blood in it for a couple of bucks… (€) and inject it into my bloodstream. It takes only one minute.

    Yes I have talked with my psychologist about this subject.
    Although she offered her help, she cannot prevent this from happening… I said.
    I don’t want medicine when I’m poz.
    And I know so much dudes who want to be poz, I can almost ask money for every high viral load sperm donation I give… People offered money to have a high viral poz load injected…in their ass.

    It’s a crazy scene. I know.
    But in the end, no one wants to be judged by others because of their believes and choices in life.

    HIV+ people who dont like it being poz don’t want to be judged either…
    So please respect each other’s choice in life.


  16. I urge anyone who is wanting to be made hiv+ to talk to his / her doctor and be put on PrEP. That way he / she could be getting all of the closeness and thrill of the risky sex but be part of a medical trial for PrEP. And I’d urge the person to take their PrEP medication properly. While on PrEP the person could then engage in dialogue about his / her “bug chasing” – I mean to find out the why he / she wants to be hiv+.

    I mean, isn’t much of the “bug chasing” done because the person is scared, but is wanting condomless closeness, but is wanting a big thrill from risk taking, and as someone else on here already said is wanting to self harm?

    I suggest and urge such people to go on PrEP while they work things out. Please go on PrEP.

  17. I confess to having these dark thoughts. I do not clearly understand them.

    I know they are destructive and will lead to pain for me and my partner who is also negative; if i carry these out.

    I am neg and want to stay negative. I know i would be harming my body and i am scared to admit it however, i too like many am ‘turned on’ by the thought. These thoughts seem to have developed from surfing porn.

    I guess somehow the cycle of surfing porn i got bored and looked at other things to turn you on. From looking for Hard sex, to bareback sex and then finally ‘this’ i seem to have ended up having this fantasy or crazed lust. Luckily, the rational side of myself has recognized this problem. I have no idea how to deal with this problem.

    I do not want to act out on this and know it is deeply wrong to trivialize a deadly virus. I want help, but i am scared to ask in case i am rebuked for such thoughts.

    Ted (not my real name)

  18. I too am a bug chaser and have successfully caught HIV two years ago. I chased for a year and a half and had sex with over 140 people to ensure it happened.
    Why? There were several reasons. Main reasons stemmed from a depression after a hard divorce. I wanted to remove myself as a candidate for anything serious because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone elses love.
    So yeah, real talk.
    Having said that and having moved on from those feelings I will admit this, pozzing was the most liberating feeling I’ve felt sexually. Not having to worry about what sex may bring you other than an unwanted child perhaps.
    I am and have been a bisexual sex addict. So, this was bound to happen sooner or later, I just sped up the process

  19. I too have this dark desire to become poz.I seek out poz men and want to hook up with them.I don’t ever do it.eventually I know I will go through with it.its what I want.

  20. I won’t judge any chaser or gifter. But the thing that is horrifying to me is that I have read many posts on threads related to this topic where some poz guys flaunt how they pretend to be negatives and intentionally give HIV to unsuspecting innocent guys who are new to the gay scene.

    Perhaps the most vile thing I have ever read was the post made by a guy named tribiker on the following link. I can’t imagine the horror that his victim is living through.

    And this is why some part of me is so sickened and disgusted by the idea and the fetish of “bug chasing”/ “bug gifting” that I sometimes find myself agreeing with those bible thumping bigots who said AIDS was the cure for homosexuality given by GOD.

    Please. I beg to all of those who are in this scene that do not ruin someone’s life.

  21. I moved to North America Toronto Canada (area) Im A South Asian man. love speaking to people about sex, but if heavy drunk am unable to keep the fact of taking poz cock in me.

    I am on PREP since last year and its liberating to feel free.

    I always take my meds. yet some poz men get my attention and its hot, like a cock i wanted inside without condom. it gets me off so bad.

    all i am willing to do is to spend time with a guy who is poz nice and would appreciate my openess to be a part of his life.

  22. Normie – First, you need to leave the Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell crap about HIV/AIDS as a punishment for being gay at the door. Those are the same assholes who said Hurricane Katrina was ‘divine’ retribution for America’s wicked sins and vice. You must be smarter than to believe that bullshit, yes? I hope so. HIV/AIDS is a disease, just like cancer or diabetes are diseases. I am a bisexual woman with a degree in clinical sociology who has seen not only a member of my family die in 1991 from AIDS but has also volunteered in children’s wards and have watched kids suffer from being infected through parental negligence. Now, you tell me that children have done ANYTHING to ‘deserve’ the abject suffering caused from HIV/AIDS. I do not, in any way, condone bug chasing/gift giving but it has nothing to do with God and everything to do with peoples personal issues that should be worked out with a professional, not a priest. If any of these people were my patients I would try everything in my power to change their minds and give them good information about all the risks, probably some they might not have considered, involved in such a dangerous and reckless act. Castigation and denigration are never the way to go and only serve to make the problem worse. Also, people who intentionally infect people without their knowledge can easily be convicted of Criminal Transmission of HIV/AIDS, and believe me that you do not want to go to prison with that as ones charge because life will be very difficult for them and life is hard enough as it is without additional crap piled on top. Stay safe and enjoy life like we are all meant to. I really hope bug chasers/gift givers come around to understand how incredibly dangerous that situation is and stop before the choice is taken away from them.

  23. I am neither HIV positive OR a bug chaser and I think I understand the basis of the fetish; to corrupt and be corrupted.

    You know how some fetishise taking a persons virginity or making a guy cheat on his girlfriend? By doing some things you are corrupting a persons purity and loyalty. So by infecting someone with the virus, you are effectively corrupting someone biologically.

    Also, the ones who get infected by the pozzing people say they feel liberated since they got the virus. Why they think that, I don’t know. I am still looking into that.

  24. I’m not a big chaser but at the same time it the thought turns me on, but not in the way of just getting it but what it makes of the bottom and the top, bottom being degraded to a nasty wortless pig and a top that degrades and uses him as a toy for pleasure…seeing how tops treat bottoms in bb porn just looks like a complete dominance is asserted over the bottom which makes it desirable for me.

    I’m a bottom (mostly because I lack any confidence to be a top) and I have low self-esteem, I pretty much hate myslef and have very terrible social skills which makes me lonely. So I’m thinking that one of the reasons that I find it attractive is because it gives a sense or illusion of being close to someone and intimate even if for couple of minutes, I’ve only had safe sex with strangers but I didn’t really enjoy it, maybe because I destroyed my brain with porn or I didn’t feel the feeling of closeness to the partner so I stopped doing that.


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