A new law proposed by State Duma deputy Roman Khudyakov would create a mandatory national database for ‘People with Contagious Diseases’ – including HIV.

Fingerprintforcriminologystubs2The proposed law, which has broad support from many areas of government, would create a mandatory fingerprint database for anyone found to have HIV – with registration enforced by law enforcement officials.

It would also apply to any HIV-positive persons visiting Russia.

This issue was reported by Russia Today (RT) the first draft of the law has been approved by the Federal Migration Service, Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry and Prosecutor General’s Office.

It is argued that the fingerprinting those “enrolled” in database would “make it easier to fight crime” as well as making avoiding registration harder.

Since President Putin signed into law his infamous ‘gay propaganda’ law life for HIV positive people in Russia, and neighbouring countries, has become much more difficult. Stigma has sky-rocketed, and HIV support services and clinics have been targeted by armed gangs.

This mandatory fingerprint database is yet another attempt by the Russian Government to use a minority group as a scapegoat for a problem the government has failed to handle.

In October 2013 The World Bank reported that unless the situation changes dramatically that Russia can expect 20,000 HIV/AIDS related deaths by 2020. 


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