beyondpositive launches the first five in a series of new graphics to tackle misconceptions around HIV and those living with it

The infamous ‘tombstone’ and ‘iceberg’ HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns aired on televisions across the UK in 1987. That was nearly thirty years ago, it was also the first and last government backed mass awareness campaign on HIV.

It is now 2014. We are, once again, seeing rises in new HIV infections, people living with HIV are still experiencing stigma and discrimination – with 75% of people living with HIV reporting ill mental health at some point.

In an ideal world we’d create a new, modern and rational, HIV awareness advert for television and the newspapers – but due to cost that is simply a non-starter. What we do have now, which wasn’t around in 1987, is social media. Twitter has over 500 million users, and Facebook has over 1.2 billion users – a level of reach far beyond what one TV advert could ever dream of.

But how to get the message across the in a place that limits you to 140 characters, or 6 second videos? People’s attention spans are at an all time low, if you’re not a cat stuck in Tupperware you’re already losing them. We need to keep our messages short, concise, but thought provoking and easy to share/retweet.

beyondpositive has created a number of simple infographics that can be shared on facebook, twitter, tumblr or any cat-sharing platform of your choice – and we’re releasing the first five today.

Please feel free to save them to your phone, tablet, computer and share them far and wide. We can work together to raise public awareness, to reduce new infections and make life better for those of us already living with HIV.

click any image to enlarge

Today the best champions for people living with HIV are those who are living with it. We have the wealth of knowledge, we can educate our friends and social groups, and hopefully reduce stigma and new infections. Here at beyondpositive we are dedicated to giving you the tools and support to do so.

We will be posting these on our facebook and twitter accounts this afternoon and tomorrow if you’d like to share/retweet them from those.

More graphics will be posted in due course, if you’d like higher resolutions copies of the graphics please contact us




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