A new survey aims to capture the publics feelings and preferences on priorities for the next generation of HIV treatments.

We’ve had had HIV treatments in a variety of forms for nearly three decades now,  AZT was approved for “the treatment of AIDS Patients” by the US FDA in 1987 – and in the past 27 years things have changed and improved dramatically.

We have single pill formulations, we have once a day combinations, we have ones you can take with, or without food, blue ones, pink ones and white ones. But as great as many of them are – they’re not perfect.

This survey, run by an international pharmaceutical company with the aid of a multi-discipline steering committee that consists of HIV clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, patient group representatives, and academics, is looking to gather opinions and priorities for the next treatment options from us – the people living with HIV.

If you are HIV-Positive, have 15 minutes and are interested in influencing the priorities for the next generation of HIV treatments please head to:

All data collected is anonymous.

beyondpositive was not involved in the creation of this survey and will not financially benefit from its completion or outcome.


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