So each evening at 6.30pm an alarm sounds on my mobile to remind me to take my medication. Currently the alarm is ‘Boogie Fever’ and my daughter and I, each time it starts playing, have a little giggle and boogie.

iphone alarmHowever yesterday’s routine wasn’t quite as joyful.

There is no polite way to explain how I had spent the day – chained to the loo each time I tried to take a bite of anything, or even a sip of water. Now, in my days pre medication, this would have been an inconvenience and irritation; upset tummies happen. No big deal there. However when you need to take your tablet (Eviplera) each day with 500kcals – having an upset tummy kind of is a big deal.

I spent the day stressing myself silly – would I be able to take my tablet that evening? Should I risk a dose without the calorie intake, knowing the dose would basically be ineffective? Should I redose if I had an episode shortly after taking them? How long was the window for the tablet remaining in my tummy? How many times should I redose?

So what did I do? I turned to Twitter. I turned to Tom. Tom Hayes of beyondpositive.

Poor Tom is the guy I turn to when I just don’t know what to do where HIV is concerned! When I started meds, it was Tom I asked about them. When I hit my lowest point on Atripla, it was Tom I turned to to ask what to do.

Now whether Tom, as editor of beyondpositive will decide to share this note or not, I don’t know. But I want to put it out there. Thank you Tom. For all you do, and keep on doing, for the people of 2014 living with HIV.

Lizzie (@fashionthing on twitter)

Editor’s note: Currently blushing




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