US TV star Charlie Sheen has been forced to reveal his HIV status after blackmail attempts and media intrusion

Speaking on the NBC’s morning show the star told host Matt Lauer that he had been HIV positive for about four years, and during that time people had attempted to blackmail to keep his status a secret.

Sheen also revealed that he was on treatment and undetectable, which made “impossible” to pass HIV on to his partners – all of which were aware of his status, and under the care of his own doctor.

Media speculation has been rife about Sheen’s HIV status since a rumour posted in Radar Online over a month ago, which was then reignited by a piece in The Sun last week. The blackmail attempts, combined with endless media intrusion are what led Sheen to publicly reveal his status.

The star was diagnosed four years ago when undergoing tests for a suspected brain tumour.

It is saddening that in 2015 anyone, celebrity or not, should be forced to reveal their HIV status. It is a private medical matter and should be shared only if and/or when the individual is comfortable.

We’d like to offer our support to Mr Sheen at this time, and hope that he can now move on with his life.



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