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So, this all started with my inability to turn down a dare, but in the end if it’s for charity it’s all good… right?

Gunged! Image courtesy of
Gunged! Image courtesy of

This week a gentlemen called Ady Blake from GayLife Manchester dared me that I wouldn’t get “gunged” for charity, and I thought “yeah, you’re probably right that’s awful”, but then he said if I did GayLife Manchester would donate £250 to my chosen causes. GAME ON.

At this point a gunging interest site called, (possibly not safe for work) said that not only would they gunge me for free, but if they could film it they’d even donate the proceeds from the video to my chosen causes. There’s no way I could turn that down.

So it looks like I’m getting gunged doesn’t it?

I’ve chosen two causes dear to my heart for this gunging. Here they are, and why I think you should donate to them – at the end of each bit there’s a link to the relevant JustGiving pages I’ve set up…

  • GMFA: GMFA are fucking awesome. They’re a small charity based in London that do incredible work on reaching gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men with health messages. They do great work on HIV prevention, HIV awareness and tackling stigma. I’ve actually just recorded a video for them that should be out next week. They also produce the incredibly hot FS Magazine. If you’d like to help them out visit the GMFA JustGiving page 
  • beyondpositive: Yes, the very site you’re reading right now. Whilst not a charity it’s a community I started beyondpositive back in August of 2013 three years after my diagnosis to give other people with HIV a space to share their experiences and stories with HIV in order to help others. Since then it’s flourished and we now include news content, we create educational videos and run events around the country such as our #PositivePubCrawls. We’ve also helped send some of our contributors to HIV conferences and events around the country. If you’d like to help us continue doing this please visit the beyondpositive JustGiving page

Donate to one, donate to the other, donate to both. Whatever you feel happiest with. Either way, and no matter how much or how little, the money will be put to good use.

Come September 21st (date tbc) I’m going to be gunged not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR TIMES in the name of charity. I don’t like getting wet and my OCD is already in overdrive about getting messy. Help me make it worthwhile?

Tom Hayes (@PositiveLad on twitter)

Tom Hayes

You can support beyondpositive’s work,
helping giving those with HIV a voice,
by donating via Paypal



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