The HIV Prevention Trials Network has launched a new study, HPTN 083, to evaluate how effective long lasting injectables are at preventing HIV. 

The trial, which began this Tuesday, will look compare Cabotegravir (CAB) which will be injected every eight weeks against the existing standard for PrEP – Truvada (TDF) taken once daily, orally.

HPTN 083 will enroll approximately 4,500 HIV-uninfected cisgender Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender Women (TGW) in the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Peru, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Africa. Half the group will be given CAB as an injection every eight weeks, and the other half daily TDF tablets. The study will be conducted in a double-blind set up and will last up to four and a half years.

“The annual number of new HIV infections among young people, especially MSM and TGW who have sex with men, has been on the rise despite nearly flat HIV incidence worldwide,” said HPTN 083 protocol chair Raphael J. Landovitz, M.D., M.Sc.

“It is essential to develop multiple effective HIV prevention modalities so the most vulnerable populations have a choice of preventive options. We hope injectable cabotegravir will become one such modality.”

There are many benefits of Long Lasting Injectables (LLI) over traditional daily tablets. Some people have problems maintaining a daily routine, such as those in shift work, with mental health issues or the homeless. Other people may have privacy concerns around keeping bottles of HIV medication at home, or wish to access preventative medication whilst in an abusive relationship.

The HPTN 083 study is jointly funded by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, and ViiV Healthcare. Study drugs are provided by ViiV Healthcare and Gilead Sciences, Inc.

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