London becomes a UNAIDS Fast-Track city
London becomes a UNAIDS Fast-Track city

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, today signed the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track cities Ending the AIDS Epidemic along with borough leaders, Public Health England and NHS England.

The Paris Declaration (viewable here) aims to stop all new HIV infections and avert AIDS-related deaths, including deaths caused by tuberculosis. To end stigma and discrimination. Every person in the Fast-Track cities must have access to life-saving HIV and tuberculosis prevention, treatment, care and support services.

Working together, cities can take local actions for global impact. Leveraging reach, infrastructure and human capacity, cities will build a more equitable, inclusive, prosperous and sustainable future for all residents—regardless of gender, age, social and economic status or sexual orientation.

By signing up to The Paris Declaration the Mayor of London is committing to:

  • Continue work to exceed the UN’s 90:90:90 HIV targets (90 per cent of people living with HIV knowing their status, 90 per cent of people with diagnosed HIV on treatment, 90 per cent of people on treatment with suppressed viral loads)
  • End new HIV infections in the capital by 2030
  • Put a stop to HIV-related stigma and discrimination
  • Stop preventable deaths from HIV-related causes
  • Work to improve the health, quality of life and wellbeing of people living with HIV across the capital

London has already made great work towards achieving UN targets for the Fast-Track Cities initiative. In 2016, for the first time in London, all the UN’s 90:90:90 targets were met with 90 per cent of people living with HIV infection diagnosed, 97 per cent of people diagnosed receiving treatment, and 97 per cent of people receiving treatment being undetectable. There have also been record drops in new HIV diagnoses amongst men who have sex with men in London clinics – something that has not been seen in other population groups or outside London however.

London is the third city to reach the 90:90:90 target – joining Amsterdam and Melbourne.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “By signing London up as a Fast-Track City, we are taking on the challenge to end new HIV infections in the capital by 2030. We must be ambitious, and I am confident that by working together we can achieve this goal.

“As well as putting an end to new infections, I am clear that HIV-related stigma and discrimination must end too. Improving the quality of life and wellbeing of those living with HIV in London is a priority for me, which is why I’m proud to sign this commitment today.”

Garry Brough, Chair of UK-CAB
Garry Brough, Chair of UK-CAB

Chair of the UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB), Garry Brough, said: “I am thrilled that London is joining the Fast Track Cities Initiative and committing to achieving zero HIV stigma, transmissions and deaths by 2030.

“While we are already seeing new infections decrease as a result of achieving the 90/90/90 goals, there is still much to do in challenging public misconceptions and judgements about HIV. These stigmatising beliefs can have a significant impact on the quality of life of people living with HIV, so eliminating stigma has the potential to not only improve psychological wellbeing, but to reduce anxieties about testing which result in late diagnoses and deaths.

“It is the key to supporting health and wellbeing and engaging that final 10 per cent so that we can get to zero by 2030.”

British HIV Association
British HIV Association

A spokesperson from the British HIV Association (BHIVA) said in a statment: “Meeting the UN’s 90:90:90 targets is a huge achievement for London, and one to be proud of. People with well-controlled HIV can live to an old age and, importantly, cannot pass HIV on to others. If we are to reach zero transmissions, HIV testing must be easily accessible for those who do not yet know that they are HIV positive, so that they can take life-saving treatment. Making testing accessible takes political will. BHIVA thanks the Mayor for making this commitment to equality in access to diagnosis.”

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